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As collective buying power rises it gives an opportunity for Airlines and online travel agencies to make better profits, offering cheaper prices.

Group deal websites are popping out every 5 minutes, now, according to Cocoleaf’s CEO Daniel Rieber the Coupon Industry goes travel, Many Airlines are having flash time-based sales, or giving away coupons For further purchases like Lufthansa and Blujet…

As if the travel Industry wasn’t already complicated enough with thousands of Operators, online sellers, travel agencies now the Coupon mania is taking over too.

Every body is saying they offer the cheapest prices, the best coupons but it really varies Sometimes you find a better deal through an airline and sometime an agency Can really offer a promotion that’s unbitten.

How can you know you really got the cheapest deal available?

Cocoleaf.net is trying to solve exactly that problem by providing you with a one click price transparency where you can see all deals and coupons trending right now, if by Groupon-like websites or by Online travel agencies and Airlines, which are trying to make the most out of the Summer Season.

Beach holidays

You might find different offers to different destinations but one thing you can be sure Of is that you know the big picture,you know what offers are there and how you can Really get the max imum from your budget.

As for Airline coupons or last minute deals Instead of looking for each destination individually you can See them all in one click!

People aren’t looking for a flight, says Rieber, they are looking to get away!

It’s all about finding the right price, and they will go anywhere…

Cocoleaf is searching more then 40 online travel agency’s daily includin Expedia, eDreams,Onthebeach, and many others as well as hundreds of Airlines and coupon sites in order to get you to that coconut on the beach…a little bit faster.


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